Economy ECU Tuning

St Helens Economy ECU Tuning Remap Your Engine for Increased MPG – Economy Remapping MPG Modification finally makes ‘cheaper fuel costs’ a reality for anyone…

Many years ago diesel was seen as the fuel for tractors and trucks only. However with the advances in diesel tuning & diesel engine technology this has changed and many diesel engine cars outperform their petrol engine equivalents.

Economy Remapping or Economy ECU Remapping is suitable for most vehicles. For obvious reasons, diesel vehicles always benefit alot more from economy ecu remapping than petrol vehicles.

Money Back Guarantee

As with all of our high quality ecu chip remapping services the economy remapping service comes with a money back guarantee, so if we do not achieve what we claim or you are not 100% satisfied we will return your car to standard and give you a full refund.

Why Our Economy ECU Remapping or Economy ECU Tuning?

Why Our ECU Economy Remaps?

ECU Economy Tuning or Economy Remapping? What?

Truly, the dawn of expert analytical MPG modifications is here. Fine Tune your ECU for better mpg, Improving MPG & Performance.

Our highly talented team of high quality remap engineers know exactly what to tweak for improved fuel consumption and tuning for MPG increases. They are fully trained and equipped to carry out expert engine tuning procedures. They will always carry out all safety procedures BEFORE attempting to write any type of tuning for mpg remap to your vehicle. In the ECU remap file, they will make certain SAFE MPG mods and tweak only some parameters to in turn, help increase engine efficiency and offer more MPG.

Fuel Economy Tuning : Lower Revs with More Torque + Higher Gear = Increased MPG

Expert Economy ECU Remapping

Benefits of  Economy ECU Remapping & Economy Tuning

Up until now remapping the ECU of your car for economy also meant degrading the performance. Not anymore. We improve the fuel economy of your car as well as giving it more torque, power and drivability. These may sound like bold & unlikely claims but we can achieve this by removing the flat spots in the power delivery & maximising the efficiency by careful tuning of the amount of fuel delivered to the engine.

  • Better fuel economy

  • Improved Power & Torque

  • Flat spots in power delivery removed

  • Smoother power delivery

  • A Better & Smoother Drive!

Types of Economy Remapping

Our ECU Remapping offer remap solutions on the following:

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Normal Cars

  • ECU Tuning Economy for Vans

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Lorries

  • ECU Tuning Economy for Trucks

  • ECU Remapping Economy for HGV\’s

  • ECU Tuning Economy for Motorbikes

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Tractors

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Lorries

  • ECU Tuning Economy for Agricultural Vehicles

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Plant Machinery

Large Turbos and Hybrid Turbos

Use our car remapping service to add bhp & torque to your diesel turbo engine ECU, by St Helens ECU Remapping, can produce between 15-30% extra bhp, dependent on the vehicle specification. Remapped cars will be notably more responsive, by immediate power in the throttle input & no higher rev lagging either. The considerable increase in torque & power gives the engine more gear flexibility & also reduces any need to shift-down, when overtaking.
Performance 90%
Design 80%
Economy 50%
Power 80%
Happiness 95%

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Economy ECU Remapping

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